With a passion for paper,  the craft of fine printing and technical know-how, our goal is to guide your invitation and print projects from wish to vision.

Tyrian Purple LLC specializes in  print production management, focusing on customized processes for luxury invitations, stationery, and marketing collateral. The services are tailored specifically to meet the needs of social, corporate and non-profit planners, event designers, experiential marketing and luxury PR professionals.







We work closely with you on all aspects of the project, all with one purpose – to create a print product you will love!


We engage designers best suited to your project.
If you have a designer you love, we can collaborate to seamlessly execute your vision.

With an extensive knowledge of specialty papers and techniques, along with the ability to source and sample, we ideate and develop unique  elevated products that will wow your guests.



We have built a  strongly curated network of expert printers and providers that specialize in
_ Engraving
_ Foil Stamping
_ Digital and off-set printing
_ Die-cutting
_ Specialty folds
_ Binding
_ Edging
_ and more

Not sure of the difference between embossing and debossing?
We’ll happily walk you through any design or technical print process questions, without the jargon.

Lead press checks to ensure specifications are met and in line with the designer’s vision and your expectation.

Our printing expertise comes in handy when suggesting alternate techniques to control costs while ensuring overall aesthetic and quality of the final product.


In addition to the standard collating, stuffing and mailing we’ll be there, at your busiest time of year when you just can’t deal, to help with proofing hand-lettered envelopes or collating endless lists of RSVP’s.


Pricing for each project varies based on the scope, quantity, print technique and complexity.
Please email details@typny.com for more information.